The importance of communal spaces in student housing for social integration of domestic and international students.

A recent article by The PIE News has brought to our attention a new survey reporting that 50% of international students feel that they are not receiving a ‘global education experience’ during their studies.  The Centre of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick polled more than 2,360 students from six universities in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Germany. The outcome highlights the lacking of experience of five important areas: communication skills, foreign language learning skills, social integration, academic integration and global skills and support (with particular emphasis on the last three).

The internationalisation of Higher Education has been a key objective for many Universities and schools around Europe and globally. At the same time more businesses are on the hunt of graduates with ‘global skills’, but very few possess them. “The research shows that the clear majority of students, both domestic and international, believe it’s important to mix across cultural boundaries and develop skills for the globalising world of work,” said Spencer-Oatey, one of the author of the research project, “However, most feel they are not getting the experiences and support they need.”

While HE institutions play a pivotal role in the students’ academic experience and their learning of collaborative skills, communication skills, and other skills to develop them into ‘Global Graduates’, we also believe that student housing has an important part in the students’ social integration and personal development. At Staytoo, we are passionate about student lives and our vision is to enhance higher education by providing accommodation that is affordable but still appealing for students. Our mission is to raise the standard of student accommodation and to offer communal areas which enable interaction and encourage community life for both our domestic and international residents!

We develop our properties with students in mind: our student housing concept combines the privacy of self-contained apartments, with the fun and social aspect of our communal areas. We do this to encourage social interaction, to allow residents to meet peers and to foster new relationships, to strive together! Offering community space and shared facilities allows students to meet new people, to become part of a vibrant community and to #StaySharing. We also utilise these social spaces to host events, so we can facilitate the integration of both domestic and international students and hopefully making it a more meaningful experience for them. Our motto is always “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet!”

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