Staytoo Berlin – Creating places for local community and residents

At Staytoo we are passionate about student lives and committed to offer the best housing conditions to our residents. Nowadays students need more than just a place to sleep and at Staytoo we know how to combine high-quality furnished apartments for independent student living with delivering first-class communal areas to encourage social engagement and community building among our residents. However, we are not just interested in improving our tenants lives, but also contributing to the entire neighborhood. As our Head of Marketing Marco Lotichius said in an article with the StudyTravel Network: “Based on market research, it proved to be essential to align local amenities and services to the micro location/neighborhood.” This can be seen very well in our project Staytoo Berlin, which is part of a larger project development project called “Am Lokdepot”. Our property is located at the southern end of this district and contains 154 apartments on a seven storeys building. Additionally, 400 sqm of commercial area located on the ground floor, which are used very efficiently in order to provide our residents and the surrounding community with something that was lacking in the area. Operated by WeWash the “Waschküche” offers laundry services, a café to hang out as well as co-working and event spaces and a catering service to the neighborhood.

Whether students just grab a coffee to go, working jointly on projects or looking for a cool place to celebrate a party, they don’t even have to leave the building. This gives the students, and anyone else visiting, the opportunity to be influenced by a productive working environment and to gain insight into modern work life. This innovative concept is a great contribution to the neighborhood. You can read about our experiences and more in the Study Travel Network’s article at:

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