Meet the team: Thomas Schreiber, Managing Director MPC Micro Living

Even though most of us are currently working from home, we think it is important to stay in touch. Therefore, we are introducing one of our Managing Directors to you this week.

Name: Thomas Schreiber

Professional Bio: I have been working at MPC Capital since 2006. At first I started out working in Real Estate Management and Restructuring. Throughout the last years I have assumed various different management positions at MPC Capital.

Childhood dream: I always wanted to be the chap with the biggest ice cream in our backyard…

One sentence highlighting your current role: I am one of the Staytoo directors, being responsible for all things concerning operations whilst simultaneously figuring out where we as a company are looking to be in the future.

What do you enjoy the most about the student housing and micro-living sector?: One of the most invigorating aspects of working at Staytoo is the dynamic team that has built a strong brand throughout the last years. There is a lot of potential in this area and it is being built up by a variety of young influences.

Did you study or live abroad and if so, where?: When I was younger, I lived in Leningrad/St. Petersburg for 2,5 years and later partially completed my studies at the University of Cardiff in Wales. Furthermore, I also worked abroad for quite some time, especially in India and Japan.

Where did you live as a student, and how different was the student accommodation landscape back then?: I mainly lived in Hamburg during my studies and it was not difficult to find something, however one had to compromise intensively regarding cleanliness, the kitchen and so on and we had no WiFi back than. Fortunately, at Staytoo we have none of these issues.

Tell us something we don’t know about you: I am a very enthusiastic traveler and it is my goal to visit one country every year, that I have never been too. Throughout the last years I explored Scotland and the Baltic States, meaning Latvia and Estonia. This year we were planning on paying a visit to the Czech Republic and in 2021 it was probably going to be Hungary. However, we will see how those plans turn out…

Among the many projects we have in our pipeline, what are you most excited about?: I am not especially excited about one individual project, but more about the entire further development of our firm and where it will take us in the future. This includes perfecting our operational system and running our buildings with maximum efficiency to ensure the satisfaction we promise for our tenants.