Meet The Team: Reinhard Dachs

Name: Reinhard Dachs

Professional Bio: Reinhard is a financial controller at MPC Micro Living Development. He is responsible for the creation of asset models, the evaluation of the opex numbers and the further development of various controlling tools. In his various activities, which he has carried out both within and outside the MPC Group, he has gained experience in various areas of finance. He joined the MPC Group in 2006.

Childhood dream: At the age of 6 I knew I wanted to be a banker: numbers were my thing since very early age.

One sentence highlighting your current role: Number crunching, solving formulas and accounting…I love my spreadsheets and making sense of numbers.

What do you enjoy the most about the student housing and micro-living sector? That in this sector is still relatively new and there are still great opportunities to create something new.

Did you study or lived abroad and if so, where? I actually didn’t even attend a University as a full time student. I was working and studying at the same time, so I was studying from home and only going to class when I had to take exams.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I am a passionate runner and have run a few marathons too. My training consist of 4-5 runs a week of at least 20 km per time. My feet itch when I am not able to train and run into the woods!

Among the many projects we have in the pipelines, what are you most excited about? I have no favourite project at the moment, but I like the diversity of the projects and the challenges which they present.

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