Meet The Team: Nils Kleinjung

Name: Nils Kleinjung

Professional Bio: Nils is a project manager at MPC Micro Living Development GmbH. After 10 years working at architectural offices in London and Hamburg, he joined the MPC student housing team in August 2016. As an architect for office and residential   projects he gained experience in all planning stages and construction works. In 2016 he completed a certificate course in real estate development at EIPOS.

Childhood dream? As a child I always wanted to become a knight and fight for justice – inspired by Robin Hood and the Three Musketeers, following the motto “one for all and all for one“.

One sentence highlighting your role? My job currently ranges from the project management of our object in Bonn to the review of opportunities in Portugal.

What do you enjoy the most about student housing sector and micro living? I find it very exciting to be active in such a dynamic market environment as micro-living, as the development potential here is far from exhausted. Participating in the ongoing development of a future-proof product with which I identify myself, motivates me.

Did you study or live abroad and if so, where? I lived in London for two and half years – as a student, I completed my practical semester at Grimshaw Architects, one of my favourite architects at that time. After finishing my studies in Germany, I got the opportunity to start my professional career in this company that I happily accepted. I can only recommend to anybody who has the opportunity, to go abroad!

Where did you live as a student and how different was the student accommodation landscape back then? As a student, I lived the first semesters in a 25 m2 apartment: at that time this was still called a one-bedroom apartment, rather than micro-living. A small bathroom and kitchenette were part of my first little kingdom. Later I learned to appreciate life in different flat shares. I enjoyed the community spirit despite the usual challenges, such as the question who should clean the bathroom or has drunk the last beer from the fridge.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I love the South American continent. I would like to travel to each of these countries and discover the wonderful nature, enjoy the exotic cuisines and dance salsa and Bachata together with the locals all night.

Among the many projects we have in the pipelines, what are you most excited about? I find it exciting that we will establish our brand across Europe…but it is far more exciting to have the team that can achieve this!

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