Meet the team: Filipe De Sá Pessoa, Head of Acquisitions and Development

Name: Filipe de Sá Pessoa

Professional Bio: Filipe has over 10 years of industry experience, leading the Micro-living acquisitions and development teams. Previously he was acquisitions Manager of a German market-leader residential Developer and Managing director of their operations in Portugal.

Childhood dream:  Surfing the whole summer and snowboarding the rest of the year…

One sentence highlighting your current role:

I am the one assuring we find the best locations beforehand and implement innovative concepts with a beautiful design in order to fulfill our tenants expectations. This all has to be done in an efficient manner, enabling attractive returns for our investors. 

What do you enjoy the most about the student housing and micro-living sector?:

That we are at the right place at the right moment – a new asset class is born.

Did you study or live abroad and if so, where?:

I have studied in London. The most spectacular city in the world, obviously after Hamburg and Lisbon.

Where did you live as a student, and how different was the student accommodation landscape back then?:

I started my career in Porto, Portugal. There, I have lived in a very cool micro-apartment from the 60’s – my friends would travel 300 km from Lisbon just for the parties there. These days our tenants have amazing common areas and don’t need to party in the rooms anymore…

Later, I moved to London in order to continue my studies. I lived in a very very small flat, where the amenities were far below the quality of what we offer – our tenants are really lucky.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?: I speak five European languages: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German.

 Among the many projects we have in the pipeline, what are you most excited about?:

Overall, that we are shaping the face of a new asset class. Our pipeline of acquisitions is very extensive and the new concepts are looking really good – sorry that I cannot say more.