Meet the team: Diogo Alves Medeiros, Analyst

Alves_MedeirosThroughout the last few months we have already introduced a few of our fellow co-workers to you. We are now going to continue with this and the next person on our list is one of our Analysts, Diogo Alves Medeiros.

Name: Diogo Alves Medeiros

Professional Bio: Diogo started at the MPC in February 2017 with his apprenticeship, which he successfully finished in June 2019. Since then he has been working as an analyst in the acquisitions team. Mostly he is responsible for market research, calculations of new projects and reporting.

Childhood dream: To be a fireman and save peoples lives.

One sentence highlighting your current role: To me, projects are much more than simply numbers on a spreadsheet. I do my best to imagine what it would be like for our tenants to live in the property we chose. Therefore, I always strive to get the best out of a project for our investors as well as our tenants. So I am currently not saving lives, but doing my best to improve them. 

What do you enjoy the most about the student housing and micro-living sector?: I especially enjoy creating homes with a still new concept and being part of one of the first in this segment. Furthermore, I get the chance to work on a product that I am able to relate to very well since mostly people my age are our current target group.

Did you study or live abroad and if so, where?: I didn’t study or live abroad, but I was born in Portugal and came to Germany at the age of three. Until I turned 14 years old, I spent every summer at my grandparents’, which was a lot of fun. Due to the fact that I was more or less forced to adapt to a different country, a foreign culture and learn a new language, I can very well relate to our international students. For this reason it is also very important to me that we give people a home away from home.

Where did you live as a student, and how different was the student accommodation landscape back then?: When I did my apprenticeship I lived at my parents’. Mostly because it is so difficult to find a small apartment or room in a shared flat in Hamburg which doesn’t cost a fortune. It is becoming even more difficult.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?: I love to take photos of my friends with my analogue cameras. My photos are neither perfect nor staged in any way and one isn’t able to see the result right away, but to me that just builds up even more excitement. Additionally, it forms a sort of contrast to the inflationary shot selfies and photos in general nowadays. By using an analogue camera the pictures gain a sort of character that can hardly be achieved by using filters afterwards. Also, this type of photography requires a technical skillset since I focus my photos manually and my camera were produced in the 80s. 

Among the many projects we have in the pipelines, what are you most excited about?: There is no particular project which excites me the most. However, it is the variety of projects that excites me more than anything and how special the projects are on their own. The most fun is creating a project that  makes it possible to give our tenants the best experience possible.


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