Meet Silvan, our property manager at Staytoo Bonn.

Name: Silvan Boz

Introduction: Silvan is responsible for our Staytoo Apartments in Bonn. Before that, she trained as a social worker and she has also worked as a service manager in a casino and covering other roles in the tourism sector.

Childhood dream? I always wanted to travel to Japan and open a beach bar there.

One sentence highlighting your role: Above all, I am the first contact person for our tenants and I am always available if one of them needs someone to talk to. I am a little bit like a house-mum, so to say!

What do you enjoy most about your job? The friendly atmosphere and the open communication I have with the tenants.

What are the main challenges of a Property Manager?  Allocating time to all different aspects of my role: to be able to do my daily duties on-site and at the same time still be available for the tenants if they need help or advice.

What kind of requests do you get from the tenants at Staytoo Bonn? I get any type of requests: from where they have to register in the city council, to finding the vacuum cleaner here at the property! But most of all they ask me about where to go out at night, or if I can recommend good bars and places around the city.

What do tenants like most about Staytoo? The open and friendly environment we have here, the fact that they can easily interact with each other and feel at home.

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