Meet Sally, our property manager at Staytoo Leipzig.

NameSally Winkler

Introduction:  Sally is responsible for Stayto Leipzig since November 2017. Before joining Staytoo, she has worked as Guest Relation Manager in a 5 star hotel. She loves to spend everyday with the Leipzig students and to promote Staytoo community.

Childhood dream? I always wanted to own a café known for the best coffee and cake in town, or a bar in Spain!

One sentence highlighting your role. I am the contact person, friend and “house-Mum” for our residents, and the most important thing for me is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, never alone and that they always pass exams!

What do you enjoy the most about your job? The good conversations with the tenants and the funniest stories about what happens in everyday life here in the house.

What are the main challenges of a Property Manager? The parents of the tenants, sometimes…and then the biggest challenge is to ensure that the property is always kept tidy, clean and beautiful as it is.

What kind of requests do you get from the tenants at Staytoo Leipzig? “When’s the next party? Can I borrow the vacuum cleaner? I lost my key. What do I do now?” but my residents also want a Spotify or Netflix account for the whole house and right now. They also ask me for a comfortable sofa in front of the TV (which we already provide!). I wonder if they would also like a refrigerator in my office with drinks, and a big sofa there too, so that when they come to talk to me they’re are even more comfortable!

What do tenants like most about Staytoo? Above all the community feeling at Staytoo. We offer something very unique here: students can have absolute privacy in their own apartments, with an en-suite bathroom and own kitchen, but at the same time they have this great community experience and can be part of our family!

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