Meet Felix, our property manager at Staytoo Nuremberg.

Our property managers are at the forefront of Staytoo residence life: they make sure all our tenants are feeling part of a welcoming and safe community. They are available for our residents if they need advice, they run the social events and activities on site, and ultimately make sure everyone is having a good time when they #StayWithUs! Read about Felix and his experience at Staytoo Nuremberg.

Name:  Felix Jindrich

Introduction: Felix joined MPC Micro Living Development in April 2018. He is a certified real estate agent and trained tour operator, and he lived at Staytoo himself during his training time. He became a property manager after his graduation.

Childhood dream? To travel the world, discover and experience as much as possible, according to the motto “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!”.

One sentence highlighting your role? As an object manager, I represent our brand (and the work our colleagues do behind the scenes) at all times. I’m the “business card” of the company for potential tenants and their parents, but also the main point of reference when they come and #StayWithUs.

What do you like about your job? The diversity of the job, the contact with people of different cultures and the community life at Staytoo.

What are the main challenges of a Property Manager? As an object manager you have to be versatile. I am a man of many hats: sometimes “psychologists”, translator, always available if the students need help. All this, of course, in addition to the day-to-day business of property management, so it never gets boring!

What kind of requests do you get from the tenants at Staytoo Nuremberg? Actually, any kid of requests! Especially from our international tenants, who have never been to Germany before. I get asked the most diverse and sometimes unusual questions about life in Germany, customs, bureaucracy, etc. The wishes are as individual as the tenants themselves really, and this is another interesting part of my job! Some are looking for tips for the best parties during the weekend, other wish for a pool on the roof terrace!

What do tenants like most about Staytoo? I think what they like the most is the atmosphere and the lifestyle we offer at Staytoo…this is what makes it special!

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