Introducing Staytoo Kaiserslautern

Staytoo Kaiserslautern is our most recent project, which opened last October 2016. This is also our largest property, where we combine a wide selection of apartments’ types, communal areas and offices space. Staytoo Kaiserslautern was designed as a place where living and working would co-exist, bringing together different communities under the same roof. We recently won an award by The Class of 2020 for our innovative concept in Kaiserslautern: The Best in the Class Co-Revolution Award 2018.

#StayInformed: Kaiserslautern at glance

Kaiserslautern, the city of Barbarossa, in which the German kings and emperors were crowned, is located on the edge of the Palatinate Forest (UNESCO biosphere reserve) and close to the borders of the neighbouring France and Luxembourg. The city isn’t just a stronghold of football, but also the second largest city in the Palatinate with an exciting cultural and bar scene. At the same time the scientific hub of Kaiserslautern is one of the biggest IT centres in Europe and is thus often called Silicon Woods. The city attracts about 20,000 German students and 1,700 international ones, with 100 different nationalities.

#StayLocal: the neighborhood

Staytoo Apartments are located next to the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, at Trippstadter Straße 117, in the heart of the PRE Uni-park short commutes are guaranteed: Studying, Researching, Working, Living, Shopping and different recreational facilities – everything is just a few minutes away. Staytoo Kaiserslautern offers the comforts of independent living and the social connection in the so-called Silicon Woods.

#StayInKaiserslautern: all-inclusive, fully furnished apartments with great common amenities

Like in all our properties, we offer self-contained apartments with everything one needs for independent living: own, high quality kitchen, en-suite bathroom, bed and living & study area. “Living on your own, while sharing your life“ is our motto and our apartments combine the privacy of your own flat, with common amenities and communal areas, to give sense of community and to allow our residents to socialize and connect with others. #StayFit is our onsite gym, free for our residents. We believe in a healthy mind and body: that’s why fitness can be a sensible supplement to university life. Working out in our private gym not only keeps a good sweat going but also reduces exam stress and clears the mind. We also offer a wider range of apartments type in Staytoo Kaiserslautern, including larger business apartments, double occupancy ones, because this project is not only de­signed for university students, but also for young profession­als or researchers, so we wanted to cater for different target groups and needs.

Get in touch today if you want more info about Staytoo Kaiserslautern or download our #StayInfo brochure.