Staytoo Apartments’ memories from Lisbon

Exactly a week ago we were in sunny Lisbon attending The Class of 2020 Conference. We had a fantastic time meeting so many professionals from the student housing sector, coming from all over Europe and beyond.

Starting last Wednesday with the traditional bus tour, we had the pleasure of hosting our own bust stop, showcasing our next project: Staytoo Lisbon, opening in 2019. The presentation took place in the beautiful studio of our architect team, based in the neighborhood of Amoreiras, where we will build our first Portuguese project. In the evening we headed to the traditional networking reception and then to the awards dinner, where the beautiful day finished with The Best in The Class Co-Revolution Award for our Staytoo Kaiserslautern project. After a night of celebrations, on Thursday there was a dense program waiting for us: student housing experts and international speakers taking part on several panels discussions about the impact of technology in student housing, the importance of student mobility and its challenges today, and also many country-specific sessions, covering some of the hottest PBSA markets in Europe.

As part of Staytoo Apartments’ exhibition booth, we brought to the conference our very own Lisbon tram. This traditional attraction allowed us to meet even more curious visitors and many of them came “on board” the Staytoo-Tram to take pictures with us during the conference day. We are pleased to now release the full photo coverage of the day. #StayFollowing and #StaySharing while enjoying these Staytoo Apartments’ memories from Lisbon!