Meet The Team: Franzisca Bauer, Development Manager

Name: Franzisca Bauer

Professional Bio: Franzisca is a Development Manager at MPC Micro Living Development. She has solid experience in real estate management, district development as well as project development. She completed her apprenticeship in real estate business and continued working in the real estate industry. Thereafter she finished her degree in urban planning. During her studies she worked in district- and project development, and continued her training on the job as a certified real estate specialist. After completing her studies she joined MPC Capital in October 2015.

As a child you dreamed to be…an artist, I had been in an art and drawing school for a long time and wanted to have my own atelier  “when I was grown-up”. But there were also times when I wanted to become a wildlife researcher, crawl in the jungle and explore undiscovered animals.

One sentence highlighting your role: Land new and exciting projects! I am responsible for acquisition and development and thus review all projects from the initial contact to the purchase and / or creation of building law.

What do you enjoy the most about the student housing and micro-living sector? I love to be part of a new and innovative asset class. Micro Living hits the nerve of the times and offers opportunities for new concepts, which in turn entails targeted brand development and market analyses.

 Did you study or lived abroad and if so, where? So far I have not had the pleasure of living abroad, but I try to travel abroad as often as possible for leisure and holidays.

 Where did you live as a student, and how different was the student accommodation landscape back then? During my studies I lived in my own small apartment or shared one with someone else. At that time there were practically no furnished apartments on the market, with certain comfort for students, and almost all of my fellow students lived in shared flats or university-dormitories.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I have a border collie named “Käthe” who keeps me busy in my leisure time! But the long walks through the forest, at the beach or in the parks are perfect for me to balance the busy business life.

 Among the many projects we have in the pipelines, what are you most excited about? As a girl from the coast, I hope we will develop a project in Hamburg at some point.

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